Enterprise-ready chatbots
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Leverage the power
of conversations and AI

Let your users access your services through messaging and bots.

Conversational commerce

Instead of hoping that consumers download – and keep – mobile apps, engage with them on the channels that they are already using: messaging.

Automated customer support

Take most of the pain away from today’s customer service experience. Give your customers highly personal support instantly.

Brand engagement

You can finally engage with users on mobile, provide precise personal experiences, better nurture relationships and drive loyalty.

Chatbot platform & SDK

Developing, operating and maintaining your own bots is not where the race is won.
Avoid the risk and complexity, and dedicate your energy to what really matters: building great services.

Bot hosting and deployment

Botfuel handles your bot lifecycle from staging to production.

Connect to any platform

Make the best use of each messaging app specific features.


Botfuel easily scales entreprise-grade bots to match growing audiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from state of the art supervised learning and NLP.


Develop bots that learn to know your users.

Context awareness

Our bots can handle complex conversations.


Botfuel has developed a modelling language tailored for bots.

Integrate with your backend

Connect your bot to your existing APIs and services.

Bot metrics

Always know what’s going on with your bots thanks to Botmeter our analytics platform.


We support most European languages.

Test framework

Launch fearlessly — Botfuel test framework allows to deploy error free bots.

A/B testing

Compare bot versions seamlessly.


Extend, enhance, and manage your bots with pre-integrated services .

Expert bot design

Botfuel’s bot design team has a unique methodology for designing bot personalities and conversations.

Data privacy

Choose where your user data is hosted (including on your premises).

Connect to any messaging platform

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